All devices on the World Wide Web are identified by a specific number called an IP address, for example When you have a site, the domain that you type to load it is to save you time, but the server where the website files are still has an IP address. Due to the fact that there're a lot more websites and devices than there're IPs, all the shared hosting servers have a number of websites under the same IP, while when you use a dedicated server you'll have a dedicated IP as well. Even in the first case though, you can acquire a dedicated IP for your websites and host them on a shared server. One advantage would be that you may get improved search engine positions because a dedicated IP generally means a faster loading site. Furthermore, you need such an IP when you intend to purchase an SSL certificate for your site and secure the data that your visitors submit on it.
Dedicated IP Address in Dedicated Hosting
Since our Linux dedicated hosting offer three dedicated IP addresses as part of the plans by default, we'll give you a serious advantage in case you wish to run any app which requires this kind of an IP. We provide them absolutely free and you are able to use them for as long as you use your server for anything you would like - child name servers for any domain which you host, an SSL certificate for any website on the server, a software server (online games, VOIP), and so on. From the Upgrades menu in the billing Control Panel that you will get to control renewals, service upgrades and domain registrations, you can also purchase more dedicated IP addresses in sets of three any time. They will be assigned to your server within a few minutes, so you can start using them for your sites and web-based apps without delay.