A sitemap is a file that includes the different pages of an Internet site and the route to them through the sections of the website. The pages can be sorted visually or as simple text and this type of a file is quite useful for 2 reasons. The first one is that it makes it faster and easier for the website visitors to locate a certain page they need, which means that they can navigate your website better and quicker, which in turn will increase their user experience and it will be more likely that they will come back to the Internet site or will recommend it to other people. The second reason is the fact that a sitemap makes it possible for search engines to index your site content better, especially when it's updated, so if users are trying to find specific content, it is much more likely that they'll find your website since it will be listed higher in their search engine results. In case your site is not indexed effectively, it might not appear for some searches, so even when you have what people need, they will not get to the site.